Car Fleet Management

Car Fleet Management

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This is an excel spreadsheet created specifically for car fleet management purposes. With this tool you can :

1. Managing Car TripTrack your company’s car trip and assign available car for next trip

2. Scheduling Car Maintenance and Services- Prepare your car planned services as stated in their service books and set its budget

3. Managing Car Business Mileage ReportThis report will be needed if you want to claim your tax deduction based on your car’s business trips.

4. Evaluating Car Fuel EfficiencyFuel efficiency is depends on type of car, trip situation and driving behavior. For example, you might assign a more fuel-efficient car for more crowded trip traffic or you might send your driver to get some training on driving your company’s car to save more fuel.

5. Monitoring Car ExpensesYou might find that some cars are getting unplanned services more often because of bad car conditions, for example if the cars are rented, or because of reckless drivers where you have to decide either to ask for car changing or give those drivers some training.

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