Free Text To Speech MP3

Free Text To Speech MP3

By FreeTextToSpeech (Free)
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Convert text to speech to read with your ears! Free Text To Speech MP3 is able to convert your text to audio content to read without stressing your eyes. It can also convert text to audio files like MP3, WAV and some other formats so that you can easily playback, backup and share.

Free Text To Speech MP3 presents a natural, pleasant and high-quality audio result. It can read text at or beyond normal reading proficiency levels while interacting with text for developing deeper comprehension so that the resulting files can accurately express the meaning and intent.

By vocalizing your textual content, Free Text To Speech MP3 can produce educational auditory material from textbooks and classnotes; it can create audiobooks from novels and regular short stories so that you can enjoy them while walking, running or commuting; it also makes proofreading effective; and the rock-solid results are ready to take your creativity to next level!

It is fully compatible with any voice engine you installed in your computer. You are allowed to update the list with new engines whenever you encounter them. Now, create your own speech with voices in English, French, Italian and Spanish or any other languages worldwide

Free Text To Speech MP3 allows synthesis of text file to help with proofreading, catching up on your notes or getting some eBook reading done. Moreover, it can accurately convert a string of characters into an audio stream that sounds just as the words would be spoken.

The output quality of the audio is customizable. You are allowed to get control of how fast it reads and readings as loud as you want by adjusting the rate/frequency and volume.

There may come the need to check the output audio file sound well as you expected. Free Text To Speech MP3 provides the preview function to allow you make sure whether the volume is comfortable or the voice is what you just want.

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