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Last Updated:2019-12-11
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My Voice Controller software allows you to emulate mouse and keyboard inputs by using voice recognition. Common uses for this software are gaming and assistance for the disabled/injured. I wrote this program to assist me with playing various games including World of Warcraft. Features ? Mapping voice keywords to common tasks; ? Send a single key; ? Send a text phrase; ? Key down/up; ? Mouse button click (Left, right, middle); ? Mouse cursor move, add; ? Mouse cursor position save and load; ? Delays – Useful for keyboard, mouse and macro input; ? Macros – Allows common/long commands to be referenced by a single key word; ? Special voice commands such as repeat last command; ? Push To Talk (PTT); ? Web browser; ? Run external programs; ? Text to Speech (TTS); ? Many more features available. See the profile commands section of this document.
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