SafeNet MobilePASS for Windows 10

SafeNet MobilePASS for Windows 10

By Rainbow Technologies (Free)
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Last Updated:2019-12-30
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Operating System:Windows 10/Mobile

Software-Generated One-Time Passwords.

SafeNet’s MobilePASS family of one-time password (OTP) software authentication solutions combines the security of proven two-factor strong authentication with the convenience, simplicity, and ease of use of OTPs generated on personal mobile devices or PCs. By turning a mobile phone into a two-factor authentication device, organizations save significantly on hardware and deployment costs, while users benefit by not having to carry an additional hardware token around with them.

Access Control for Remote and Local Networks.

Compatible with the broadest range of mobile clients, MobilePASS provides powerful identity protection and convenient access control for remote access systems, such as VPNs, Citrix applications, Cloud applications, Outlook Web Access, and Web portals. It also offers strong authentication for secure local network access.

Optimized Security.

Sophisticated security capabilities, including standards-based activation and dynamic seeding, allow organizations to optimize the balance between ease-of-use and TCO without compromising on security. In addition, central management of MobilePASS alongside other SafeNet authentication solutions enables organizations to adopt a layered approach to security by deploying different authentication devices and methods for different groups of users.

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