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Last Updated:2019-12-04
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Operating System:Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Time Clock SBE is an easy to use employee time, attendance, and job tracking time clock system that runs on a desktop or mobile Windows PC. The default installation allows you to track up to 1000 employees. However, the user interface was designed with the intention of managing fewer than 40-50 employees on a day to day basis (although it can track hundreds without any problem). Some people have requested greater numbers to use the software for other uses which is why it is enabled for up to 1000 names to be entered. The version of Time Clock SBE (version 2.3) is ad-free, without strings attached and can be used for free, without expiration. That is right – we don’t charge you anything to use the software. PLEASE NOTE: This software cannot be re-distributed by you or a third-party without the express written consent of the publisher.Let Time Clock SBE help your small business manage your employee and personnel costs more effectively by downloading Time Clock SBE now.In addition to providing accurate and efficient employee time and attendance management, it also provides basic job and project tracking. Time Clock SBE integrates time and attendance information, employee information and job/project tracking and provides reporting functionality and basic Spreadsheet export for Payroll programs.
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