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Last Updated:2019-12-19
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It is very useful nowadays to showcase presentation with mobile phones. However, to play back PowerPoint on mobile was not a good user experience, even with those famous office apps. For example, Video resources are often missing or not supported. Characters might be shown with different fonts and make slides look different. Another problem is about distributing. People often need to share powerpoint content to their clients or audiences. However, sending ppt file to others must not be a good idea. The file may be modified and re-send to the third parties unauthorized.

Touchshow is a tool aiming at helping users to present and distribute their slides work on Mobile Web. It includes two parts. On PC Touchshow converter will convert ppt (or pptx) files to wtppt format file, and on Android devices people can use Touchshow PPT Player to play back the wtppt file with almost all the interactive features supported. (iOs is coming soon …).

Features List:1) Almost all the interactive functions supported. Including slide transitions, shape effects, hyperlinks, triggers, flash animations(shall be coded with AS3).2) Audios and videos supported. As powerpoint files are converted on PC, external linked media files will be well transcoded and packed.3) Able to embed font so as to keep characters the same as on PC.4) During playback on mobile, Touchshow provide markup tool for better presentation5) On android platform, Touchshow could pack your ppt directly to an android app, which makes your work high end and easy to be sent to others, without worrying about to be modified. This functional is very useful on business occasion. If you are designing a prototype for your app, or if you would like to build a simple demo for digital signage, it will be cost saving.6) As Touchshow supports AS3 script, it is capable to develop advanced functions. For example, copy protection script could prevent your work from unauthorized reading; content updating script could connect to web database and update slide content during playing.

PS: This version is not compatible with old versions

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